This Papercut Life

I am a regionally based professional artist located in Albany WA with 25 years experience in the arts industry ranging from public art projects, arts consultation, community arts, and exhibition curation. My focus for the last five years has been on This Papercut Life, a creative business that has increasingly grown and become very successful. As an artist and designer I create a range of artworks, jewellery and art objects, and my work is commissioned by both the corporate and private sectors.  As well as Loft, I stock galleries such as Aspects of Kings Park, Gunyulgup Galleries in Yallingup, and Manyung Galleries in Melbourne to name just a few. 

My current style and medium have evolved primarily from a 14-month period of my life some 5 years ago which I spent dealing with a serious illness. That life-changing experience refocused my outlook on life and subsequently my artwork. Returning to design basics assisted greatly in the process of expressing the challenges and lessons of my own journey.

With this renewed focus on design I moved to more cathartic contemporary papercut and silhouetted images- that are either hand-cut in paper, or laser-cut in perspex, wood and occasionally metal. Purchasing a laser cutter has greatly assisted in this process. As a continuation, I am now working with universal themes of community, environment, and family, amongst others, which have strong storytelling aspects while using a playful and figurative style that both adults and children strongly relate to.

Sue Codee