On A Whim Designs

Hi, and welcome to On A Whim Designs!  
My name - On A Whim Designs - comes from the birth of my business over 6 years ago, which was very much 'on a whim'! That whimsical nature lives on, as I continue to experiment with new ideas and styles, never making too many of any one item. I use a variety of materials in my work, from glass and paper, to silicone, acrylic and wooden beads, as well as 100% handmade (by me) polymer pieces. Polymer is my favourite medium to work with, as I love the unique, one-off nature of each item, with no two beads ever being exactly the same.

I live on a farm in the SW of WA and as well as making jewellery I also do relief teaching in our local school and work on our farm.  I have 4 children, two of whom are currently at boarding school, one who is working on the farm and one who is at at Uni.  I love the flexibility of my range of jobs, but rural living has its drawbacks when it comes to business  – I love that there are wonderful stores like LOFT around who support local, handmade businesses such as mine!

Jacquie SOUTH