Gill Cordiner - Jewellery



 I see my pieces as being worn by individuals who appreciate detail, uniqueness and originality. I love colour and its my primary reason why I use enamel. Vitreous enamel is powdered glass fused on metal - it's an ancient technique which I use in a contemporary way.

I trained in painting at art college and my approach to design is very much that of a painter: colour, texture, composition, shape and form. After having a career break when I had my children I retrained in silversmithing and enameling. I make jewellery in silver, copper and enamel and I make pendants, rings,  earrings and bracelets. All my metal is recycled.

I am always evolving and finding more inspiration from many forms around me including pop art, the ocean and plant forms of Australia. I hope you love my work as all my pieces are born of love and toil.