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Alicia Rogerson Art   Alicia Rogerson Art   
Alicia Rogerson is a mixed media artist and illustrator.  She creates inspiring artworks that are calming, light and feminine often weaving in elements of her dreams and imagination.  Her signature style is figurative painting and layering her artwork with vintage book pages. 
Living in the rural countryside of Bridgetown, Western Australia, her art studio resides on a hill beside a forest.  She is influenced by Japanese culture, Lowbrow/ Pop Surreal art, Fantasy and Books.  At the start of her creative career she incorporated elements from her own childhood but now is starting to include experiences of her own children growing up.
Her journey began in 2007 when she shared her artwork online for the first time.  Since then she has continued to create whilst embracing all opportunities that have come her way including CD's, books, clothing, exhibitions, public art projects, presentations and workshops. She has worked on projects for Sony/BMG, Dolly Magazine, Taylor Swift, Laura Ashley and The Australian Women’s Weekly.A