Arli Designs by Sharon Hinchliffe

 After many years working as a freelance Embroidery Design Digitiser producing artwork for the commercial embroidery industry, Sharon Hinchliffe finally turned her hand to a lifelong passion of creating art. Studying Visual Arts in various forms over the past 20 years, Sharon has also been strongly influenced by her creative mum throughout her life. In 2012, along with much needed encouragement from her partner Cameron, Sharon took a suitcase full of prints to the local Bridgetown markets, and was surprised and invigorated by its success. She soon found the art she had made over the preceding years was bringing smiles to peoples’ faces and gave her work a purpose. She continues to sell her work through markets, retail outlets, exhibitions and online. Sharon’s works are often the trigger for stories to develop and flourish. Beginning with fluid painted strokes or simple lines, she builds up forms through intricate line work and detailing, creating imaginary landscapes and populated with strangely familiar creatures. The sea has always had a strong influence on Sharon, and this affinity is expressed in her work through the recurrence of waves, boats and aquatic birds as subject matter. In most of her work, she reprises these themes, though with a looseness in style that allows space for randomness and unexpected figures to emerge from her initial application of paint. The works encourage the viewer to explore their own relationships – with each other, themselves and the world around us.