Rebecca Heggers Art

Ever since childhood I have been drawing, painting and making things.
I had the privilege of growing up in a home where my artistic leaning was always encouraged. Though I have attended some art courses, I am mostly self-taught.
I am currently based in Bridgetown, Western Australia where I gain immense inspiration from the local scenery and bird life. I spend any spare time on painting and drawing. Though I love to paint landscapes with oil paint, I spend a lot of my creative time making vibrant ink and pencil illustrations of some of my favourite themes including birds, feathers, and botanicals. Birds carry a special meaning for me and their character and colours provide endless inspiration.
It wasn't until 2015 that I came upon the idea of making prints out of my artwork to reach a wider community and share the inspiration of colour and beauty in Creation. Loft carries my entire range of high quality limited edition prints. To see more of my work, including works in progress, or to contact me, please check out the following
Or email me: