YOUANME -Sandstone Candle


These sandstone candles are beautiful to both look at and smell - the containers can be used long after the candle is finished.

Our Collection is a little different to anything else on the market as we use a combination of Soy + Beeswax with a range of pure beeswax candles also.

Deborah (Mum) has been making Candles for over 20years and has always used beeswax in her products. Initially her candles were all rolled beeswax taper candles.

After a hiatus due to motherhood & life, Deborah has come back with a new flare & passion for Candle Making. Her products have evolved using modern vessels and an expanding scent range, but continuing the same natural principals she started with. She sources scents from all over the world & also hand blends her own unique scents using Organic essential oils. These unique scents set her collection apart from others. Our beeswax is sourced from Organic Bee Keepers in the Southwest and we have started producing our own wax recently from our own Flo Hives.

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