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Shampoo Bars

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WET, RUB & RINSE…once you go bar you’ll never go back!

To get a good lather going rub the bar directly onto your hair & scalp. Rub until you get enough lather going then put the bar down (please do not waste the bar), go back to the lather and distribute to get an all over clean then rinse thoroughly. Please make sure that you keep the bar dry to ensure you get the most out of the bar. Our BARS DO NOT GO MUSHIE unless left in water.

Colour Care- Quinoa Protein contains 17 amino acids . That's great news for your hair. The amino acids are both cationic and anionic. What this means is that the cationic amino acids that are positively charged can bind to the cuticle providing protection while the anionic amino acids help barrier function so that you get great, long lasting colour.

Curly Hair - This shampoo bar has been formulated specifically to help hold the moisture in your hair and enhance those awesome curls. Hydrolised Keratin and Silk Protein are two of the key ingredients in this bar that will help to smooth the cuticle and hold those curls while preventing moisture loss so that you have gorgeous bouncing curls throughout the day. Also added into thjis bar is super nourishing Avocado Oil and Mustard seed to ensure your hair receives all the goodness it can get for super shiny, manageable, beautiful healthy, curly hair.

Normal to Dry  - Shampoo Bar with Silk Protein for super soft hair and Abyssinian oil to enrich dry damaged hair. This bar is also formulated with 2% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil for fantastic hair strength and shine. The combination of Blackberry seed that is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin B5 helps to provide lovely nourishment so you will have beautiful soft hair.

Volumizing - If you are after thicker looking hair then this is the perfect bar for you. Rice protein has been found to potentially increase the volume of your hair by up to 32% after 4-5 washes. Rice protein is also known to help improve your hairs manageability and shine from the collaborative cationic and anionic amino acids . The Cationic Amino Acids - Arginine, Histidine & Lysine bind to the hair while the anionic Amino Acids - Aspartic Acid & Glutamic Acid repel fibers for greater volume.  Amino Acids can also contribute natural colour highlights whilst adding valued nourishment. 

Normal to Oily - This Shampoo Bar is formulated to cleanse your scalp without removing your natural oils (we need to leave the good ones in). Cedarwood helps to promote strong healthy hair and assists in balancing Oil Production. Rosemary is awesome for scalp & hair health. Soap Nut Powder is known for its gentle cleansing properties.


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