Marguerite Aberle - Meditation CD


"For many years in my work as a Craniosacral Therapist, I have seen the need for some way to be in touch with clients on a more regular basis, and as there are only so many people I can see each week.... I start planning. 

Therefore this CD has been a long time in gestation. I have never faltered from my idea or my reasons for making it.... now with a courage that sometimes evaded me, I present it to you.

Meditation, in its many forms, is a technique, a tool, a way to go within, to acknowledge our body, to use the sometimes wayward attention of the mind, guiding it gently, and nourishingly, away from the busy and often chaotic outer life into a safe, healing place within.... an inner journey.

Over the past 16 years, I have worked with many children, from birth to teen years .... bringing them within, enabling them to find a place of safety and peace, away from the anxiety and struggles, sometimes the grief and bullying of their young lives. We have many beautiful and sensitive children entering our busy world. It has been my joy and delight to assist them.

The results of their sessions are often profound and long lasting, giving them the tools to work with for themselves ... however often they need more, and regularly, which started me thinking of a way to be with them more often. Not only give voice, sound and instruction, but a way for them to feel me with them. Therefore these meditations were recorded as I worked, giving each the energy of a session.

Here it is. May it being you well-being. May it enable you to tap into your own healing reservoir, and bring stability and peace into your physical life."

Music by Cary Lewincamp

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