Kathryn Louise Textiles - Wool/Silk Fringed Scarves


My pieces are created using natural fibres - lustrous silks and finely textured wools. All hand painted, layered,most stitched and some embellished. Based in Geraldton, I have lived in coastal towns from the Midwest to the Pilbara, Western Australia. Big skies, endless horizon. Rugged landforms in hues of rust, gold and brown. Technicolor sunsets. Perfect patterns in the sand, washed away every day. Colour and texture abounds. These colours, patterns and layers that I see, are the foundation of my work. Always inspiring me to create unique, precious, wearable pieces.

These merino wool/silk blend, fringed scarves, measure 190cm by 35 cm - long enough to drape around your shoulders or wear as a scarf.

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