JAFA Cases - Iphone 6,7,8 PLUS, Flip Phone Covers - Jarrah


JAFA Cases is a home grown range of quirky iPhone cases. Aimed at people around the world, who are in search for the most perfect way to complement their iPhone. JAFA Cases was first established by sixteen year old twin sisters, Anna and Amy Mackay in August 2016.

Living on the west coast of Australia, they are able to embrace the natural materials, surrounding their home. Every JAFA Case features a unique crafted design. Laser etched to your standard.

All made from 100% recycled Jarrah, all material from the southern region of Western Australia.

From the design aspect, both twins have a passion for drawing and have a creative mindset, which inspires them to create unique designs. All JAFA Cases are hand drawn by Anna and Amy and are then laser etched onto the iPhone case. The girls are passionate about creating work for their customers to love and enjoy! They hand make the mold of their iPhone cases, making sure it slim fits your iPhone, whilst still protecting all four edges. This makes JAFA Cases suitable for any occasion!

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