Games To go - Wooden Magnetic Chore Chart


Help your children get their jobs done and ready to run out the door with this set of 9 Back-to-School Chore Chips.

Each set comes with 9 magnetic 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) diameter wooden disks, each with a job we all know your wee ones need to do before stepping out in style. 

Let your child feel a sense of independence and achievement as they move their chore chips from 'I can get ready all by myself' to 'I am done' sign. Before you know it, they will be ready to run out the door! 

Ready to ship sets come with the following 8 chores:
Have breakfast, clean teeth, get dressed, brush hair, make bed, pack bag & sunscreen. Each set comes with a 'You're a star' chip for when all their jobs are done! 
With lots of colours to choose from, you can have a set for everyone in the family.