Aromatic Passions - Muscle Rub 140g


Muscle Rub - Aromatherapy Muscle Rub for aching muscles and joints and arthritis. Relieves pain and discomfort from sports injuries, back pain, over use of specific muscles, inflammation caused by arthritis and bursitis. This intense blend of essential oils in a non oily cream base includes Eucapyptus, Marjoram, Black Pepper, Ginger, Juniper Berry and Benzoin for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, circulation boosting, anti-spasmodic and healing properties. Essential in your natural medicine chest for all aches and pains, chest rub for coughs and colds, neck and temple rub for headaches and migraines. Add a heat pack to affected area after applying for maximum absorption and speedy relief. Dubbed "Magic Muscle Rub" by devoted users. Made by clinical aromatherapist, Linda Maxfield, in Bridgetown.


Caution - not recommended for use during pregnancy.