Patricia St Designs - by Patricia Dronow



From a young age I have always liked making things. From hand stitching my Barbie doll dresses to stocking dolls and teddies. I always got enjoyment out of thinking of an idea then creating it.

So I guess I was always going to go down the creative road. As I got older my passion of making things turned to fashion so I studied at Tafe in Bentley, Western Australia, Diploma Of Fashion Design.

After a few years of working in the industry, traveling and starting a family we settled in the small town of Donnybrook in Western Australia on a small lifestyle property to raise our family.

I still needed to create but with the demands of little ones I found it difficult to sew big jobs and finish them so I decided to make small craft things which I sold at our local market under the name Patricia St Designs. So began my creation of Apple and Pear Doorstops. Little did I realise that such  plump and colourful objects would create such a stir. They have progressed from humble beginnings to now a quality product. I use upholstery remnants and stuff them using stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, weighted with dry brickies sand. They give me a lot of joy creating them and I love the smiles on people’s faces when they see them.

The local community has certainly supported me with all that I have created. I love the feedback  from them and enjoy being able to do what I do.