Marguerite Aberle


Bridgetown Artist - Marguerite Aberle
I am primarily a watercolour artist, though I often use Pastels in conjunction with the watercolour, and have done many wonderful landscapes and seascapes in Pastel.
My first love is the Australian bush, countryside and the ocean, which calls to me ( watching waves is a favourite pastime)...I love to paint the Karri and the flowering blossoms of so many of our beautiful gums and their spectacular nuts.
For many years I have painted in miniature, most of those pieces have become cards, which are mounted into card frames which I have specially made for me.
My love of creating beauty has been richly rewarded, with many successful solo exhibitions over the last 20 years ( plus some!)
It is wonderful to be a contributing artist at The Loft, celebrating the diverse creative talents of many.