JAFAcases - Iphone Covers



JAFA Phone Cases was first launched early in 2016 by us; teenaged,  twin sisters, Amy and Anna Mackay. We really wanted to produce quality, unique iPhone cases for everyone to love. Our inspiration came from many trips to Indonesia and surrounding countries. Experiencing a range of marine life, tropical rainforests and endless trips to the ocean made our love of the environment expand. JAFA Cases produces a range of unique bamboo and rosewood phone cases to fit all iPhone models. Most designs are inspired by the ocean and our travel experiences. Our first collection, Washed Up, launched early 2016 and has been a great success. With a range of unique and quirky designs JAFA cases is the perfect way to complement your iPhone.

All cases are made in Perth, Western Australia and made from 100% bamboo, jarrah  and rosewood. We put love into every iPhone case we make and we will be sure your iPhone will love a new JAFA case.