De Kayu - Handmade Soy Candles

De Kayu means - De “of” Kayu “ Wood”  because our candles use natural wooden wicks for a long lasting clean burn and wooden lids for a natural and earthy look. I am originally from Indonesia and have been living in the beautiful city of Perth for the past 7 years - I now live permanently in Australia.

I've always love to be “making things" and to be creative in my spare time.  I have studied Jewellery making, photography, art, and painting to improve my strong creative side. I love making anything I could get my little hands on. I have also always been so passionate with perfumery and good fragrance, as I believe that smelling beautiful scents everyday will brighten my day and bring peace to me. I love candles and I have always bought scented candles once a week because I always light my candles everyday at home. As it gets quite expensive to buy my favourite eco-friendly and premium candles from the shop, I began making candles as a hobby. I gave my handmade candles for Christmas presents to my friends and family; they were so impressed and complimented my handmade candles and told me how they love the design and quality of my candles and encouraged me to develop my handmade candles into a business.

DE KAYU Candles was founded in February 2015, our candles are the result of years spent experimenting and crafting to create our range of fragrances and lovingly handmade candles.  The De Kayu’s fragrances are based on our travelling experiences, I want to deliver something different and unique in my candle, not just scented candles, but also something to bring people to experience various delightful scents from around the world - and for those who love travelling, it will bring back the memory of that journey.

We really love what we are doing and are so passionate about our products so we would love to share our lovingly handmade candles to everyone - because we believe that making other people happy is what makes us happy.

We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. All our products are made from non toxic ingredients with no artificial colouring AND we use recyclable materials.

Much Love
Melinda Smith
Candle Maker/ Owner / Designer