Aromatic Passions - Linda Maxfield

'I am a Clinical Aromatherapist happily running a busy practice in beautiful Bridgetown, W.A. I moved here 7 years ago with my husband, two daughters and 2 cats! When I'm not seeing clients Im creating a lovely country garden  surrounding our 100 year old house and taking care of the three chooks and the horse that have been added to the menagerie!


 I'm dedicated  to looking after the health and wellbeing of my clients, friends and family. For about 10 years I have been making the "Aromatic Passions" range of Natural Aromatherapy Skincare. I love watching my clients skin constantly improving with using the gentle, nourishing botanicals, essential oils and butters in my products and I always get a buzz when they tell me how much they love their Grapefruit Cleanser wakeup in the morning or the dreamy vanilla fragrance of Intensive Night Serum before bed. All my skincare products are handmade in beautiful Bridgetown using the highest quality natural ingredients including organic botanicals and therapeutic grade essential oils. Aromatic Passions skincare feeds not only your skin but your mind, body and spirit too. 100% natural No parabens, chemicals, sulphates etc - No Nasties!


On 'Potion Making' days our house smells amazing!  Aromatherapy Skincare benefits not only your skin but mind, body and spirit too.

I'm very proud to have the Aromatic Passions products in our very own Handmade Boutique, LOFT of Bridgetown.