GIVE AWAY May 18 2015 5 Comments

One thing I love about the 'handmade' industry is the sense of community amongst the very different 'creatives' we encounter.

With this sense of 'community' in mind - we would like to offer you the chance to give a gift to someone in your community, who you think deserves a 'special treat'. 

That person might be doing it tough right now, and just need that little reminder that someone appreciates them and is thinking of them


you might like to give a gift to someone who is such a 'giver' and always puts others' needs above their own.

Either way, all you have to do is

  1. nominate them (this can be done via email or in the comments section below or in store)

  2. explain why you think they deserve or need a 'special treat'

  3. choose something from our website you think they might like

Every month, Team LOFT will get together and choose 1 person to receive a $50 gift voucher from LOFT that can be used in the store

OR on-line. 

WE hope you'll join with us in helping to make someone's day a little brighter.