FREE Postage for May .... AND..... see inside Bridgetown LOFT April 21 2015

Like most fledglings, we seem to be growing and growing - and with that growth we've had to be very clever with our use of space. Our little shop started life as the side verandah on a house - which explains the limited space, the sloping ceiling, the long and narrow shape, the window and door shaped 'fill ins' along one wall and the occasional leaks when the rain buckets from the heavens.
We thought you might like to see what our little shop of handmade actually looks like on the inside AND - so that you feel like you're actually there, we are giving you FREE POSTAGE for all orders made through our website for the month of MAY. It will be just like you are here with us.
So have a look at our before and after photos - have a browse through our website and take advantage of our FREE POSTAGE during May.
Just enter the code  INSIDE LOFT  to take advantage of this offer.

The 'BEFORE' shots



The 'NOW' shots